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BO early !

Some utube commentators have got Black Ops early like woodysgamertag who has posted a video up giving it a bit of a moan becasue it is new to him I think. When I first got my new wagon I moaned but after a couple of days you start to see the improvement and began to love it. Only time will tell if this will be a success



Black Ops Quickscoping Test Gameplay

Just found this clip on utube about quickscoping.


Judge for you self if quickscoping is gone

To All Rich People out there Black Ops Prestige Edition is Here

If you have £129 to spare and lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve Call of Duty then this is for you. It is the prestige edition of Black Ops and it come with a remote controlled car YEAH.Last years MW2 prestige came with night vision goggles and a head to put them on so they have upt there game with this as Call of Duty: Black Ops, is already projected to sell over 12 milion units.

The Hardened and Prestige editions of Call of Duty: Black Ops will infiltrate retail on November 9. These top-tier versions will include a number of items that those paying £45 ($60) for the standard game won’t have access to.

On top of the game, the £60 ($80)Hardened edition includes a steelbook case, a Black Ops medal with display case, four co-op maps not included in the standard ware, and a Black Ops-themed avatar outfit for PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.

The £129 ($150) Prestige edition ups the ante even further. This version includes everything above and a fully operable remote controlled vehicle modeled after the new in-game RC-XD killstreak reward. The announcement came with a YouTube video (clip below) detailing the in-game killstreak reward. Additionally, Nintendo Wii and DS versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops will release on November 9, but Actvision did not announce any special bundles for either of those systems.

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Black Ops Talk by WoR but not

OK guys I’m sorry for putting up a WoR video but this is not a WoR video. He has invited SAM5000 and christrout91 who are sound guys and the best thing about this video is that WoR doesn’t talk to much (Yeah). They are talking about the new Black Ops mulitplayer trailer and they bring up some good points which makes me not want to buy this game even more. From what these veteran MW2 players are saying it looks like it is going to be another but worst MW2.
Judge for your self and David give it a try. WoR doesn’t say to much

Who is buying Black Ops

With the pre order figures bigger then MW2. This is pointing to another massive money maker for Activision and the release of the new multiplayer trailer I thought I would do a quick poll to see who is buying Black Ops from my small subs. If you can post on your pages then we can get a better picture. For the record and first vote I will be buying this game Maybe.

Lets get talking

To all you Call of Duty fans or haters out there here is a first look at Treyarch first Call of Duty called Black Ops. Watch this a couple of times and it look fun not good. There seems to be a lot of gimmicks like a remote controlled car and the standard stuff like predator missile. Anyway you watch and comment please

This is why Machinima sucks ass and MW2

Found this clip on machininininima (I think that is the write spelling) and this sums up MW2. Just shoot your noob tube up in the air and get all your mates to stand together and you will get on Mach……… thing, how sad. I don’t understand why you would put something that ruined a game on the biggest gaming channel on utube.
Here’s the clip and number 6 is my fav from this crap but also look at how many 10 pres there are and it is on xbox. Enjoy 
PS first blog on the iPhone with the wordpress App


Its been along time but this is worth it !

This is a new vid from Muzzafuzza Gaming and he has a new FAN BOY. I will let the video do the talking and this one is for you David

How NOT to be a Bad Company 2 NOOB !

Just found this video on You Tube and I think it relates to me.

Last week, me and Donncha were playing Afrca Harbour on Defence and on the second base we went to the far construction site and he manned the Stationary AT and me on the Heavy MG. He spotted them and I mowed them down and then a message came saying NOOB ! I continued to ripe that team apart and finished the game with a score 6500+ and with the Ace Pin and more. But all the details are on Donncha and David blogs. So if you use the Heavy MG or probably a tank the MW2 cross over players think your a noob. I have used the M60 and had a lot of fun with it but the under powered pre patched Heavy MG a noob gun I don’t think so.

In battlefield you have to use all the equipment available and all the equipment has it’s counters. If you flick to about 5 minutes in the video there is a chapter on “Use everything to you Disposal”  and that’s what I do and all the other peoples do. So for all the people sending message to the people who use the heavy MG, Tanks, Helicopters and anything else just watch this video and I think you are the NOOB !

See you online


Last Night Games

The girlfriend was studying the kid in bed so that is a great opportunity for some Bad Company  2.  Jumped on-line to see if anyone was on but unsuccessful. Played a couple of games and was playing well again (Last week I couldn’t pull a positive K\D or good score). While playing checked again to see if anyone was on-line and there was Donnchac so tried to join but server was full. We created a squad and the fun began.

We started in Valapariso and jumped in to a tank and ripped the team apart. Donncha was driving and me on the gun (great combo). We took the first base and still had the tank so moved up to 2nd base and the killing continued. The rockets were flying but Donncha was dodging them and me mowing them down. The only problems was the rest of the team wasn’t taking the initiative to go arm the M-COM Station and then the party end the tank went down. We went forward again with no tank and they were too stuck in and a tank returned and so the tank and I were one again but with a different tactic, we tried the “Decoy” .  Donncha was driving and me on the gun and full throttle towards the base. He put the tank between me and the enemy and draw the attention from me is I jumped out and armed the base, jumped back in 20 seconds later and base 2  was gone.

The 3rd base was and easily taken and moved on 4th were the problems began. The tank again but this time they were wise and the rockets came down from the heavens and we went to hell. The rest of the team was sitting back to much and it was only really me and Donncha trying for a plant and that wont work on that part of the map. But in the end we lost but got a great score

Next map was Arica Harbour which was another great game were we planted most bombs and the server CRASH. Had a great night

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