The girlfriend was studying the kid in bed so that is a great opportunity for some Bad Company  2.  Jumped on-line to see if anyone was on but unsuccessful. Played a couple of games and was playing well again (Last week I couldn’t pull a positive K\D or good score). While playing checked again to see if anyone was on-line and there was Donnchac so tried to join but server was full. We created a squad and the fun began.

We started in Valapariso and jumped in to a tank and ripped the team apart. Donncha was driving and me on the gun (great combo). We took the first base and still had the tank so moved up to 2nd base and the killing continued. The rockets were flying but Donncha was dodging them and me mowing them down. The only problems was the rest of the team wasn’t taking the initiative to go arm the M-COM Station and then the party end the tank went down. We went forward again with no tank and they were too stuck in and a tank returned and so the tank and I were one again but with a different tactic, we tried the “Decoy” .  Donncha was driving and me on the gun and full throttle towards the base. He put the tank between me and the enemy and draw the attention from me is I jumped out and armed the base, jumped back in 20 seconds later and base 2  was gone.

The 3rd base was and easily taken and moved on 4th were the problems began. The tank again but this time they were wise and the rockets came down from the heavens and we went to hell. The rest of the team was sitting back to much and it was only really me and Donncha trying for a plant and that wont work on that part of the map. But in the end we lost but got a great score

Next map was Arica Harbour which was another great game were we planted most bombs and the server CRASH. Had a great night

See you Online