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To all you Call of Duty fans or haters out there here is a first look at Treyarch first Call of Duty called Black Ops. Watch this a couple of times and it look fun not good. There seems to be a lot of gimmicks like a remote controlled car and the standard stuff like predator missile. Anyway you watch and comment please

This is why Machinima sucks ass and MW2

Found this clip on machininininima (I think that is the write spelling) and this sums up MW2. Just shoot your noob tube up in the air and get all your mates to stand together and you will get on Mach……… thing, how sad. I don’t understand why you would put something that ruined a game on the biggest gaming channel on utube.
Here’s the clip and number 6 is my fav from this crap but also look at how many 10 pres there are and it is on xbox. Enjoy 
PS first blog on the iPhone with the wordpress App